How to choose a scar removal cream

How to choose a scar removal cream

Scars don’t have to be forever.

The trick is acting fast. And finding the right scar cream.

But what exactly is a scar? A scar is part of your skin’s natural repair cycle after a wound. The body is pretty amazing and it works quickly to cover a wound with skin cells and protect it from the outside elements.

Scars are areas that contain more collagen (not the good kind) than healthy skin cells. That’s why they’re raised and often a different color than healthy skin.
Scars (like the stories behind them) typically fade with time.

But why wait?

Whether your scars are from acne, stitches or a cut, Lexi Scar Gel helps reduce visible scarring. It works best on newly healed wounds and scars that are less than six months old by regenerating new skin cells deep below the surface.

Simply apply a small amount twice daily to the scar area and massage gently for 30 seconds. Continue treatment for 10 weeks to see your scar tissue fade.

You might notice some temporary redness at first. This should go away soon. As Lexi Scar Gel goes to work it helps repair and rebuild damaged skin by regenerating new skin cells. It also reduces redness and discoloration.

And best of all, Lexi Scar Gel is non-allergenic and gentle enough to use everyday.

Next time a scar forms, stop it in its tracks with Lexi Scar Gel.

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