Is There a Right Way to Put on Face Cream?

Is There a Right Way to Put on Face Cream?

We all have our beauty routines and application techniques. We dab on toners. We rub in moisturizers. We gently tap on eye creams. But does the way you apply your beauty routine matter as much as what you’re using?

The surprising answer is yes!  There is a right way and a wrong way to put on your skin care. 

Let’s start with cleansers. 

When you apply Lexi Facial cleanser, use enough to cover all areas evenly. Be sure and start with warm water, not HOT (hot water can scald your skin), and rub the cleanser in big circles on your cheeks. Use semi-circles on the sides of your nose and big circles up and out across your forehead. 2-3 minutes should be enough and then rinse and splash your face with cold water. 

For eye cream, gentle is the way to go. Start by using the tips of two of your fingers, pat it underneath your eyes and across the top of the brow, gently dabbing your eyelids. Experts recommend that you apply eye cream in the morning when it’s more likely to be absorbed because your blood flow is more active. 

And finally when you apply Lexi Face cream you should use a glide and smooth motion. Putting your hands in a prayer position, move from the middle of your face outward, gliding from your nose out to your ears, your forehead out to your temples, and your chin out to your jawline with your fingertips. 

By using the right techniques to apply Lexi Skin products, you’ll be an expert in giving your skin the nourishment it needs.

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