Lexi Thompson Loves the Olympics

Lexi Thompson Loves the Olympics

It’s finally here! No, we’re not talking about Lexi Skin’s new anti-aging skincare products… we’re talking about The 2020 Olympics! (ICYMI, the games were postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.) And while Lexi Thompson was busy at our lab working on formulas and doing photo shoots – she was also training to play golf for Team USA! Yes! Lexi Thompson will be on the green, representing our country, shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most powerful athletes and showing women everywhere what grit, hard work and dedication look like. Don’t miss Lexi – Women’s Golf starts on Tuesday, August 3. 

Speaking of hard work…Lexi and her team created this line of skincare products to work hard to reduce the signs of aging – and even eliminate it – so that you’ll always feel like your best self. Together with a team of dermatologists and world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Swift, we created seven products, each targeted for a different area of your body. (The skin on your feet is hardly the same as the delicate skin on your neck… why would you treat them the same?) Our goal was to create affordable products that unleash the confidence, beauty and potential in every woman – products that work hard for women who work hard too. 

And dedication? We’re looking at you, girl. Skincare products only work when you use them. Daily. Better yet, once in the morning and once at night. We know, after a long day at work – or at the driving range – sometimes you’re so exhausted you want to fall into bed without washing your face. Don’t do it! You need to remove the sweat, makeup and other impurities before bedtime to allow your clean skin to breathe and grow healthy new cells. It only takes a minute and you’ll feel so much better if you wash away the day. Lexi Skin Facial Cleanser is an excellent start to achieve glowing skin, but the magic happens with the microencapsulated copper peptides that deliver skin-nourishing formulas deep below the surface of the skin. For healthy, beautiful skin, you need to be dedicated to it. Apply. Every. Single. Day. If you change your routine, you’ll change your results. We guarantee it. 

Lexi Thompson is an Olympian but she changed her game to create Lexi Skin – game-changing skincare products, all made in the USA. For women like you. Women like her.

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