Why Your Hand Cream Doesn't Fit Your Feet

Why Your Hand Cream Doesn't Fit Your Feet

When it comes to all-over body lotions and all-purpose creams we’re putting our foot down. Ok, all puns aside, we think it’s really important to point out that not all skin is created equal. 

That may sound pretty obvious. And most of us already use specific creams for different parts of our bodies. But for some reason most of us ignore our feet.

We might use a hand cream or a body lotion, but those creams don’t really do the job when it comes to our feet.

The skin on the soles of our feet is much thicker than on the rest of the body – up to 1.4mm! In fact, there is an  extra layer of skin to help protect your heels, from the day-to-day strain of wearing heels, going jogging, or even playing a few rounds of golf.

With all that wear and tear, it’s not uncommon for your heels to become dry and cracked and the skin on your feet to become dry and crepe-like. And nobody wants that!

That’s why we were so happy that Lexi Skin has introduced a foot cream.  

With Lexi Foot Cream, you can enjoy a cream formulated with the soothing power of coconut and the refreshing coolness of mint. Just writing that, sounds refreshing!

Like all Lexi Skin Care products, Lexi Foot cream uses microencapsulated copper peptides that can penetrate the thicker skin on your foot to rehydrate and nourish your skin at the cellular level. 

Non-greasy and non-allergenic, this cream absorbs super fast, and you can use it morning and night or any time your feet need some refreshment.

So if you want to give your hard working feet a little TLC we can’t think of anything better than a gentle foot massage and then some Lexi Foot Cream.

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